We Must Do better

Meet Nicki and hear about her reasons for being a candidate.

Nicki Cares About Serving Others

I often get asked why I chose to run for State Representative for all of Routt and Eagle Counties.

First, every day I fall more in love with Colorado and the people that live here. We are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in America. I want to be the eyes, ears and voice for everyone in Eagle and Routt counties.  

Second, my family has a lifelong tradition of community service. That tradition inspires me to serve my community.  My grandparents, parents and my “wasband's” family were public servants. Simply put, I want to give back to the people that are neighbors, friends and family.

Third, I am not a career politician but I know that we need people to raise their hand and run for office to serve others. See my issues pages to know about what I care about.

Elected leaders should have life experience and common sense.  We have unique challenges living in the mountains that I want to make better.  I will work for legislation if it improves this great state that we call home.

Additional information about me can be found in the linked Vail Daily article. 


More about Nicki

Nicki grew up in Emily, Minnesota, the oldest of 6 children. Growing up there, she learned to love the outdoors, bait a hook, field dress a deer, and fly a plane. She also learned to speak Minnesotan. Nicki put herself through college while working as a wildlife researcher for the Minnesota  Department of Natural Resources, and graduated Summa Cum Laude. 

Her parents were great role models for community service. Nicki's Dad was a firefighter for 30 years and her Mom was active in the Red Cross and their church. Nicki developed real estate with her family in Minnesota. She also started a Montessori school for her boys before moving to Colorado. The school still serves students in Minnesota.

Nicki moved to Colorado in 2009 with two sons, Travis (15), and Christian (13). Nicki is a single parent but proud that her “wasband” is a good  friend who supports her family and campaign.

Nicki owns a small business, is active in her community and teaches Sunday school. You also may have seen Nicki as a host on TV 8, or on the golf course or skiing on the mountain