Nicki Mills -

"I grew up in Minnesota where I learned to love the outdoors, bait a hook and field dress a deer. I also worked as a researcher for the MN  Department of Natural Resources. I am a conservationist."


Colorado is blessed with an abundance of natural resources: coal, oil, gas, as well as wind, sunshine and rivers. These are not only a way of life in Colorado, but a vital supply of energy. Together, these elements power the Colorado economy and homes. Colorado has become a pioneer in balancing responsible economic development with environmental stewardship, and Nicki will to continue this trend as a State Representative.

Nicki is a “conservationist.” 

She grew up in the environment and knows the importance of protecting it as an essential element of our history, culture and future. Yet, environmentalism is used by some as a wreckless tool that disregards the livelihoods, prosperity, safety and quality of life of our residents. Nicki believes in thoughtful and common sense balancing important values.

Colorado’s oil and gas industry contributes over 200,000 jobs and over $30 billion to Colorado’s economy. Over the past five years, the industry has averaged nearly $60 million in annual payments to county coffers alone. The University of Colorado Leeds School of Business estimates that total industry payments to federal, state and local governments totaled $1.2 billion in 2014, funding everything from schools to roads and bridges.

As a State Representative, Nicki will work with the energy industry with an understanding that new technology and innovation drive constant changes to the business practices of the industry. Further, Colorado needs leaders that understands the importance of a stable business environment to ensure a low-cost energy supply that will attract and retain businesses in Colorado.  As a State Representative Nicki will help  businesses be certain that they will not be hit with agenda-driven, burdensome, job-killing regulations.

The federal government owns roughly 47% of the land in the West, and the various federal laws that govern land management practices place an emphasis on the concept of multiple uses. Federal land management agencies should consult with the states where this land is located and involve them in the decision-making process for how these lands are managed. Furthermore, Nicki supports moving the Department of Interior to Colorado, where significant federal lands are located, so Washington bureaucrats can better understand the impact and consequences of their top-down mandates.

Nicki will also defend water resources from the perpetually and increasingly thirsty downstream states that want to renegotiate our Colorado Water Compact to Colorado’s detriment. Not on Nicki’s watch! Colorado must increase storage capacity by upgrading current infrastructure; some of which are almost 60 years old.

When the federal government concocted a plan to take Western Colorado’s private water rights, Congress introduced the Water Rights Protection Act, another bipartisan bill, to prevent the federal government’s western water grab and protect the many water uses our communities rely on. Politicians and bureaucrats on east coast do not understand the complicated water issues faced here in the West. Nicki will work for the farmers, ranchers, ski areas, and all citizens of Eagle & Routt Counties.

Nicki will provide the leadership to safely develop our natural resources. Colorado can  have a booming energy sector, create thousands of well-paying jobs, and protect Colorado’s environment for current and future generations.

Nicki with the Gerard Family at the Gypsum Farmers Market.

Nicki with the Gerard Family at the Gypsum Farmers Market.