Nicki Mills -

"All Colorado kids deserve a great education. I will fight for any proposal, policy or legislation that champions great teachers and promotes higher achievement."


The future of Colorado will be set by the future of Education. The most important factor to a great education is not money or new buildings, but instead, high quality teachers. Eagle and Routt Counties are blessed with great schools and teachers.  District 26 is  fortunate to have the public schools, charter schools and private schools that provide a quality education to kids. These options improve education for all families. 

Adequate funding is always a challenge for education. We spend nearly 40% of the State's general fund budget on K-12 education, yet only one in four students graduate fully prepared for college or the workforce. Too many kids are not reading at their grade level. We cannot allow any of our children to be trapped in failing or under-achieving schools. There must be accountability.

As a Mom, Nicki helped establish a Montessori school in Minnesota over ten years ago. Today, that school continues to serve children and families. 

She will continue to support schools that are at the forefront of education reform.  Nicki will also support schools that have made strides in providing equal education access for all children. The drive for innovation should continue in education to increase student achievement, while ensuring we have accountability for results. 

There are financial clouds looming over education. These clouds reflect the limits of our taxpayer protections and underfunded public employee pension system. If Nicki is elected, she will confront these challenges head-on and fight for priorities that provide for adequate funding while respecting taxpayer protections.

In order to maintain and improve education, Nicki will support parents choosing the school that is best for their families and let education dollars follow the kids. Shifting the focus from schools to students will strengthen our education system and turn it into a model for the rest of the nation. 

Nicki strongly supports tougher graduation standards, and strong school safety programs. She will oppose all unfunded federal mandates on local schools. While promoting basic statewide standards, Nicki will work to protect local control.

Colorado children must have the necessary knowledge and resources to compete in the 21st century economy. Nicki is committed to supporting these goals.

Nicki talking with kids at the 4H Exhibit at the Eagle County Fair.

Nicki talking with kids at the 4H Exhibit at the Eagle County Fair.