Nicki MIlls -

"I want to ensure that everyone who wants a job can find a job. I also want Eagle and Routt County workers 

to be prepared for the jobs that are available."

Jobs and Economy

While Colorado’s resorts are very successful, so are the many small businesses that create jobs and opportunity. Small businesses provide half of the jobs in Colorado.

Colorado’s economy is strong and moving forward. Leaders and government should stay vigilant to keep it that way. Colorado has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. According to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, our state grew 73,000 jobs in the last year. 

Too many families and businesses in District 26 struggle to pay their bills due to inconsistent wages and jobs. Rural and mountain resort communities particularly are affected. A strong economy is essential to the quality of life to Colorado families.

One of the most important challenges Nicki will take on as your representative is to promote an economic climate that creates jobs, better incomes and prosperity for the families and businesses in District 26. The priorities of the mountain resort and rural areas must not be left behind. Nicki’s goal is simple: 

Ensure that everyone who wants a job can find a job. And Eagle and Routt County workers 

are prepared for the jobs that are available.

There are two key ways to accomplish these goals: 

  • Education and training for workers to meet the needs of the Colorado economy in the 21st Century, and, 
  • Government must stay out of the way of our workers and businesses. Government policy should support prosperity and not hinder it.

Nicki understands that education policies will make a difference. She benefited from concurrent enrollment programs growing up in Minnesota. She started college classes in high school at age 16 and graduated from college at age 20. So did her brothers and sisters. Specific career programs in Colorado schools help students start thinking about their career choices. 

Continuing investments in Concurrent Enrollment programs will help students achieve credit for high school graduation and get a head start on technical training, an associate degree  or bachelor’s degree that is right for them. Better education and training leads to better jobs. 

Only with these education and training policies can we attract “high tech” employers to rural and mountain resort communities in Eagle and Routt County. These employers need a trained, educated and available workforce.

Nicki will also support policies favorable to entrepreneurs and small businesses. There is a thriving entrepreneurial community in Eagle and Routt Counties. These are the source of many jobs and innovation. State policies need to be consistent with economic growth for these companies. 

State budgets must effectively reflect our priorities and tax policy should not hinder economic growth and statewide competitiveness. We must promote Investments in workforce development, lower taxes, and reasonable regulations.  All of these contribute to a better climate for creating jobs and opportunity. 

Nicki will fight to continue to move  District 26 and Colorado forward.  

Nicki meeting voters in Eagle.

Nicki meeting voters in Eagle.